Brea Boulevard Corridor Improvement Project

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Project Information

Project Overview

The Orange County Public Works Department (OCPW) has identified the need to widen Brea Boulevard/Brea Canyon Road (hereafter referred to as Brea Canyon Road) consistent with the Orange County Master Plan of Arterial Highways (MPAH).  The Brea Canyon Road Widening Project (Project) is located partially in the City of Brea, from Canyondale Drive to the north City limit, and partially in unincorporated Orange County, from the north City limit to approximately 1,200 feet northeast of Tonner Canyon Road, a total length of approximately 7,560 linear feet or 1.4 miles. Brea Canyon Road would be widened from two to four lanes (two lanes each direction) with 11 foot minimum width lanes, shoulders that would vary from 6-foot to 10-foot wide that could serve as bike lanes, and a raised median that varies from 12- foot to 14-foot or a 6-foot wide median with a concrete barrier. 

The Project is intended to address safety by improving the design of existing curves within the project limits and reducing the potential for motorist conflicts. Additionally, the Project is intended to address traffic congestion during the A.M and P.M. peak hours and is expected to enhance the Level of Service (LOS) from an existing LOS F to LOS A, substantially improving traffic flow through Brea Canyon Road. This would be accomplished by widening Brea Canyon Road, installing a new traffic signal at the intersection of Brea Canyon Road and Tonner Canyon Road, and installing a new traffic signal approximately 1,150 feet north of Canyon Country Road to provide a safe left turn on Brea Boulevard for the oil field operator. 

Widening and safety improvements of the roadway would also require replacing three bridges over Brea Canyon Channel, improvements to Brea Canyon Channel (within the City of Brea, from approximately 600 feet upstream of Central Avenue to 1,700 feet upstream of Central Avenue), improving and extending various drainage crossings and utility bank crossings, relocating utilities and oilfield-related equipment (e.g., power transmission poles, oil lines, oil wells, telephone duct banks, etc.), replacing the existing traffic signal at Brea Canyon Road and Canyon Country Road, and multiple retaining walls, the highest of which is over 60 feet. Some right-of-way (R/W) acquisition and driveway access point modification (e.g., driveway relocation or reconstruction) would also be required.

Comments Submittal - Public input regarding the appropriate topics for analysis to be included within the Draft Environmental Impact Report is being sought.


Project Location

Brea Canyon Map

The project area is located within both unincorporated County of Orange and City of Brea areas, spanning from Canyondale Drive in Brea to 1,200 feet northeast of Tonner Canyon Road.   

Contact Information

Please submit written comments to the person listed below:

Cindy Salazar, Senior Planner
OC Development Services
601 N. Ross Street, Santa Ana, CA 92701

phone   (714) 667-8870      email