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Transportation Permit Submittal Process

The State of California Vehicle Code authorizes local authorities’’ to permit the operation and moving of vehicles and loads upon highways within each jurisdiction.  Assembly Bill No. 1849 amended Sections 35781 and 35795 of the Vehicle Code to require a standard permit form and fee in compliance with Caltrans requirements.

Transportation Permits are required when a vehicle and/or vehicle load is larger than 8’6” in width, 14’ in height, 40’ in length (single unit), or 65’ in length (combo unit). Transportation Permits are issued on a single trip or annual basis and are enforced by County Sheriffs and the California Highway Patrol.

What is required?

Applicants or their authorized representatives shall sign and submit a transportation permit application (annual/single) with appropriate fees. The application should be submitted along with a copy of the State of California (Caltrans) permit and Certificate of Liability Insurance.

How to apply?

See the Transportation Permit Restrictions and Conditions to apply for an Annual Permit or a Single Trip Permit.  Single trip permits are valid for three (3) consecutive days. Annual fees are valid to the date of the insurance expiration date within a year.